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Tuesday, November 8

Song of Sara

To continue with my latest obsession with people and relationships...(this will end soon--I promise). As opposed to Walt Whitman's famous Song of Myself, I think a Song of Sara is only appropriate.

I have to do a shoutout to Sara for several reasons. Most of all, though, because her trip away from Philly this past weekend allowed me the opportunity to see how much she has become a part of my life out here and how much this means to me. While I know that I have established a larger family of Borders friends, I know that not every friend is created equal. So, my best comparison for how Sara has come to be incorporated into my life is to compare her to a family member. I think everybody needs a little family everywhere they go, and I think I have been lucky enough to meet someone out here who totally fulfills that need for me. I feel at ease being myself in every situation, without concern for being judged, and I know that, no matter what, I can count on her. It's really an incredible thing because it changes my whole attitude about if I'll survive on my own. I no longer worry that I'm on my own--because I'm not.

I think the fact that everytime I thought about how I missed having her around this weekend, I also had an overwhelming feeling of hope that she was having nothing but fun goes to show the imprint she's left. The self-absorbed, selfish majority of me usually completely fails to worry about the needs of others--on impulse. I usually have the insight to readjust that impulse to include the needs of others, but I think it's a sign of the presence of a true friend when you automatically jump to concern for them as well as yourself.

To prevent any further digressions, I just want to wrap this up by saying Philly would not be Philly without Sara and sitting in a little pizza/sandwich joint like Pizzi's is like fine dining when accompanied by her awesome self. Thanks, Sara.


Sara said...

Thanks, Courtney! You are fantastic! We were meant to meet and become friends. We have a lot of fun times ahead of us!

Pegamus said...

Court - Catching up with you via your blog is refreshing. You are an awesome writer!