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Friday, February 17

Lovin' Kids

At my Borders job, I have acquired a new official post of sorts...a kids' bookseller. The beginnings of this job were not the best times. I felt very overwhelmed by all of the different breakdowns within the sections, and I was not up on my Independent Reader and Young Adult selections; so, parents and grandparents would be throwing titles and authors at me, expecting me to know off of the top of my head what was going on with them, and I was clueless. (Peter who? Ohhhhh, Peter Pan...of course!) That is a slight exaggeration, but you get the idea. In fact, one of my earliest comments to a friend was, "I hate kids" *awkward silence* "Not the people but the section."

But, since then, I happily report to have completed a major shift in opinion. Now, I absolutely love my kids' time. I grow nostalgic as I shelve the books and games, and I adore the kids who come into the section...well, most of them. I acquired a favorite tonight as I was shelving, and this little boy approached me, crying silently yet very hard. I went into a panic, thinking that he had lost his mother or something. So, I asked, and between adorable little gasps for air, he said he was sad because he couldn't get his book. Just so cute.

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