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Sunday, March 5

Consumer Extremists

I had dessert and a late-night chat with my college roomate, Julianna, Friday night. During this incredibly entertaining and fun-filled meeting, something was brought to my attention that I still find unbelievable.

I've discussed with several people the fact that I am not completely supportive of the extremes of American consumerism. I do, admittedly, fall into its grips now and then, but I, for the most part, think it's pretty upsetting. Julianna, however, told me about a recent experience she had at the Atlanta airport that left me stunned. She was in a general vending area and came across a vending machine with...ELECTRONICS!!! What kind of electronics you ask? Well, Apple iPods and handheld game systems just to name a couple. I couldn't wrap my mind around this. She said there was a place to simply swipe your credit card and make the purchase.

We both agreed that if we had the chance to purchase an iPod this way, it would make for years of conversation at every mention of the product. I can't imagine the sentence, "Oh, I got my iPod from the vending area at the airport..." coming from my mouth. We discussed how this type of trend could catch on and revolutionize the way Americans shop. Just think of vending malls where no store support is needed, etc. Where will the American economy go next?

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