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Friday, March 31

Cuttin' it to the Quick

I found myself in a peculiar position last night. After a somewhat awkward yet exciting week of transition between jobs, I had a very kind invite to join a friend for some good clean fun--on the aisles of Genuardi's. I thought, what could be better? Quality friend time and groceries all in one night? Fantastic!

So, as we strolled up and down the aisles, discussing everything, from the very intimate to the very general, I started to laugh. And then I pointed out how pathetic it kind of seemed that due to our crazy schedules, we had to resort to Genuardi's time in order to squeeze in some fun together. Pretty funny. But, my two favorite things were yet to come...

First, we started breaking it down to some very grocery store-like music. You know, like those once great hits that you never hear anymore...that is except for when you're in the grocery store at 10pm on a Thursday night. Now, when I say breaking it down, I really mean it. We were both grooving away when I realized that there was a group of shoppers approaching from behind my I coyly moved over to the yogurt area. Friend, however, continued breaking it down in a major way...then she realized why I had snuck off. That was a good laugh.

Finally, we did the newest grocery store tradition...chose our Nesquick for the night. I got Very Vanilla, while she got the Chocolate. Who ever knew grocery store fun would become such a quality activity for me? What a good night.

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Sara said...

I love our grocery trips. It is a rare soul who can appreciate the grocery/music/friendship/milk combo.