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Friday, June 15

Technology Addict

Over the last several years, I've worked so hard to not overindulge in the material side of life.  I would treat myself from time to time, but all-in-all, I tried to hold back.  During this time, technology has been a serious weak spot for me.  I think I've become better at justifying reasons for upgrading gadgets than I have at justifying reasons to eat and sustain myself otherwise.

My most recent addition to my tech family is an iMac.  I already owned a perfectly suitable MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPod and Apple TV.  But, I've been sort of cyber-stalking the iMac because the combination of space-saving and a bigger monitor for working at home was severely attractive.  So, I finally decided to make the move.  Needless to say, I have not been disappointed and practically grow weak in my knees each time I walk into my living room and see the new family member.

Now, what I've realized more recently is that I probably feed this tech obsession by also gifting technology.  We're all chipping in and giving my dad a Kindle Touch for Father's Day...this just on the heels of his iPhone 4S purchase.  Although he originates from the less tech-savvy generation, he's catching on to things fairly quickly, and he's seeing the amazing benefits there can be to the tech connection.  Also, he is about one year into retirement, and I think he's realizing that with technology, his time spent exploring can be really fruitful.  In any case, this Father's Day purchase only came about because he made a minor comment during a visit, which sparked the magic in my mind.  Granted, I already have a regular Kindle (which I barely use because, let's face it, how many gadgets can I possibly run at one time?), but I sort of feel like I'll live vicariously through him as he gets to open up a whole new sphere of technological experiences.

I'm not sure how this addiction to such expensive toys will ultimately play out for me, but I do have to say I'm glad to be learning more and more retailers are offering gadget recycling programs.  With this knowledge, I'm sure my justifications will be that much more consoling.

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