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Sunday, September 15

Beauty + Life

Encapsulated in my love of nature is a love and appreciation for all things that speak to human nature and connection.  I remember starting to realize the power of this connection when I learned of the symbolism of the cross in Christianity.  The two most powerful relationships is between a person and the Creator (whatever that looks like to you) and his or her family, friends and humanity.

I have had the great joy recently of watching one of my best friends go through the birth of her first child.  This experience has touched me at my very core.  In the quiet moments of the day, my mind continues to wander back to all of the displays of beauty in this moment for her and her husband.  I spent a lot of my 20s and up until recently, living a very focused and independent life.  So, as my niece and nephews were born, I was hugely appreciative of those events, but I think my 30s have brought a very different perspective and appreciation for the process.  My friend, Julie, has been one of those friends who feel near a carbon copy of oneself.  Adventurous, always up for fun and in touch with all the things I love--music, art, nature--Julie has transformed over the past year into an amazing mom.  And this transformation was seamless.  She just added it to the portfolio of being a great human being.  Even more, watching her husband and her grow as a unit with the arrival of their son, has brought such insight into the dynamic and beautiful spirit of the human soul.  They have demonstrated, I think, what it's supposed to do when you share the great life experience of having a child together.  I feel so privileged to be a witness to it all.

In the world's current state, it can be difficult to sift through all of the horrible stories circulated in the media and come out at the other end still believing in good.  There is so much pain and disappointment to be witnessed.  However, we can counter that in our relationships with one another.  We can choose to believe in the good and allow the violent, critical and painful displays of the world to fall away.  As Mahatma Gandhi said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world."  

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