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Tuesday, October 4

One Down, One to Go!

That would be one night of class down and one to go for the week! Probably not so healthy that I so look forward to getting these nights over with, but I'm still in the very overwhelmed stage of graduate studies. But, I don't think it's all about the graduate studies...I actually think it's a crossroads. You know, the "what am I supposed to be doing with my life?" Thankfully, though, I realize that moving (especially for the first time), jumping into graduate school, a new job, etc., can all be a very destabilizing experience. So, I'm trying to remind myself daily that this really isn't about's about surviving a naturally stressful time. Regardless, searching for one's niche in life can be a daunting task--the choices are so plentiful and time seems so short. Anyhow, now that I worked through that tangent...

The day started off very nice. I got up, finished one of my reading assignments, shuffled off to pick Sara up, and we went to our new favorite place to hang out--Gryphon Cafe. We had our Monday morning coffee and chat, and then skipped off to finish our day's duties. I spent all day trying to read up for classes tonight and to get ahead so that I can enjoy my trip home. But, part of me dreads having to go home--not because I don't want to, but because I hate having to say goodbye over and over again. I stay in close touch with everyone, but I feel like we get together when I'm home, they prod for the details of my new life, I acquiesce with their requests, then the time's up. What I miss most is that daily contact with everyone...the normal contact that people residing in the same town tend to have. (Since I'm 99.9% sure Sara will be a reader, I have to add at this point that I am establishing that here now...which has made things seem less like a "visitor" state). It's just sort of a weird juncture...I miss home (Wheeling), but it's not exactly home any longer--it's a vacation spot--and it no longer feels like my permanent home. Philly, on the other hand, is not completely home yet, so I feel like the Catholic in limbo (except it's Wheeling and Philly rather than heaven and hell--details, details).

Despite my plans to go home after class (thus the lack of proper attire and even a purse), Hope and Karen convinced me to go out to Gullifty's after class. Had the pleasure of seeing Sara and meeting her friend, Rhiannon, who is on a short visit. But, because I lacked I.D., Karen had to order my beer for me--talk about a blast from the past!

Last bit, then I will call it a night. What I miss, probably most, from home would be the two kids. Each night before bed, I have to listen to Sydni's recording of "You are my Sunshine" that's on my cell phone (pathetic, yes...adorable, of course). And Seth is now beginning to do caveman grunts for me on the telephone. But, I'm only days away from being with them both, which is swell, so I thought I'd share a picture of my two favorite pieces of the universe (at the top of the blog). It's the two of them on the church steps after Seth's baptism this past August. Ahhh...the memories.


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