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Monday, December 26

Loving Technology

I definitely cannot call myself a technological genius. In fact, my friend Chris from WJU, would undoubtedly argue the opposite as he has suffered through many late nights of explaining to me over the phone why it is a very bad thing for me to press buttons on my computer during bouts of impatience. But, I have to say that, looking back, I've been on a consistent road of technological improvements over the past couple of years.

First, I was moved to purchase my Dell laptop. This is my precious possession that goes just about everywhere with me. I have learned to use it in so many ways when I originally bought it to write papers--great justification, right? But, I now use it to watch DVDs in the comfort of my bed, upload pictures from my digital camera, and access music.

My laptop took on a whole new importance, however, when the same Chris from above very kindly took a roadtrip to my new home in Philadelphia back in August and introduced me to the possibilities available through wireless internet. He helped me get it all set up, with the cooperation of Madonna, and I have been in heaven since with it. I had been so used to dial-up in Wheeling that I immediately reaped the benefits of always being able to have my internet up and running.

My absolutely favorite and newest technological addition to my cache, though, is the one and only... Apple iPod Mini. This pink beast has become like an extra appendage. It helped get me through the crazy holiday season in retail as I would escape outside with my tunes as the customers milled around the store. It was wonderful to have on the train ride home for Christmas, and it has been great to have here at home. It's such a great size and so easy to keep with me at all times. iTunes is awesome software that has only renewed my love of my computer. And the list of positives about this newest addition to my technological history goes on and on.

I'll save the sentimental details, however, and just leave it at get the idea. I love technology!!!

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