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Thursday, February 2

More Crazy

After having a late night breakfast with two Temple ladies, I've decided that Villanova cheats me out of one very important element of Philadelphia--more crazies. The stories these two had about the characters who they encounter on a daily basis while attending classes at Temple were incredibly entertaining. Guys in long black coats who stand watch then compare the passing students to snowflakes, people telling stories of bullets that end up in the doors of their cars...and the list goes on. I have nothing, considering my entertainment at Villanova consists of my inability to chuck my yoga pants for upscale style and feeling sad as I, in my Hyundai Accent, pass all of the undergrads who drive BMW SUVs and the like. I truly need to visit the city more often because I'm obviously missing out on some pure entertainment.

I'd like to believe I make up for the lack of entertainment in my observation of Borders proceedings...

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