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Monday, May 15

A List

So, I had it suggested to me to do a 100 things about me posting...this will be a work in progress, so despite my publishing new blogs, not dealing with the list, you can return to this original post, which I will add to each night. I propose to do 10 things a night because I think the "things about me" kind of morph with each day. Who knows? Maybe I'll even know me better after this!

1~ I sleep best when I have the sound of white noise.
2~ I have a major fear of flying, but I am not afraid of heights.
3~ I eat Goldfish snack crackers more than any child I know.
4~ While I am not religious, I find theology a truly fascinating subject.
5~ I take rejection very hard.
6~ I feel love in a visceral way.
7~ I define intimacy as knowing someone's every quirk and appreciating them all.
8~ Emotional intelligence is far more important to me than intellect.
9~ I can sit in the presence of someone without saying a word for an incredible period of time.
10~ The warmth of sunshine is my favorite type of warmth.
11~ Observing nature makes me think.
12~ I am a workoholic.
13~ Holding a baby almost makes me feel as content as academic work.
14~ I prefer thunder to lightening.
15~ I prefer red wine to white.
16~ I prefer early morning to late night.
17~ My favorite color is green.
18~ When I make people laugh, I feel like a million bucks.
19~ I don't like close talkers; they make me feel very uncomfortable.
20~ My first drink of coffee in the morning is the official start to my day...everything before that is basically autopilot, lacking consciousness.
21~ I enjoy waking up to the sound of rain hitting my windows.
22~ I prefer softserve to regular ice cream.
23~ I like to save voicemail messages from those who I love so that when I'm having a down day, it's kind of like having them here with me.
24~ I sleep on my stomach.
25~ I think I own too much stuff...I would like to downsize.
26~ I am very intuitive when it comes to people. Without words, I usually can sense exactly what they're feeling.
27~ Lunch is my least favorite meal.
28~ Breakfast and dinner tie for my favorite meal.
29~ My sense of smell is my most keen sense.
30~ Chocolate owns my soul.
31~ I love waterfalls.
32~ What I most want to do in the next year is start learning a new language.
33~ The thing I haven't taken the time to learn that I'd like to is paint.
34~ I wish I had less fears.
35~ The oddest thing I've ever eaten and loved was carrot soup in Dublin.
36~ The moment that I participated in the most PDA was on a random dance floor in Dublin, with a strange guy with whom I made out to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" song. Yes. I did it.
37~ The object I hate most is the plastic saucer that kids use to sledride.
38~ One thing that I've never done that I'd love to try is parasailing.
39~ My favorite instrument is the cello.
40~ I love looking up at the stars.
41~ Everytime I hear a lawn mower, I think of my dad.
42~ I am open-minded and accepting.
43~ I want to have kids in this lifetime.
44~ My favorite childhood memories are of the softball fields and the different teams I was on.
45~ My favorite outdoor activity has always been riding a bike.
46~ My favorite place I've ever traveled was Asheville, NC.
47~ Of all of my senses, I would never want to lose my hearing.
48~ I used to want to follow in the footsteps of Reba McEntire.
49~ My favorite form of transportation is probably the train--I like staying on the ground.
50~ If I could, I would like to travel more.
51~ My most prized possession would be my collection of photographs.
52~ My next most prized possessions would be the iBook and the iPod.
53~ I love the sight of a sleeping child.
54~ I often pray when I'm afraid.
55~ I like to watch movies when I'm sad.
56~ I wish I had been born in the 50s, so I could have grown up in the 60s.
57~ The places I've most often visited on vacations include Ocean City, MD, Canaan Valley, WV, and, now, Wheeling, WV.
58~ I would much prefer love over lust.
59~ My favorite cartoons as a kid included Doug, Scooby-Doo, and Inspector Gadget.
60~ A place I've never been where I'd like to visit would be the West Coast.
61~ Sense of humor is of utmost importance to me...probably even with food in importance because it sustains me.
62~ My favorite coffee is hazlenut coffee...
63~ The place I'd most like to travel to outside of the United States is the Greek Islands.
64~ My favorite childhood memory would have to be me standing on the tile in the entryway to my parents' home, singing my heart out to Billy Joel, Carly Simon, and Carol King.
65~ The craziest thing I've done is stand in the pouring rain on a random New York City street, missing half of a Broadway production in order to be sure to get my playbill signed by Rose O'Donnell.
66~ I love trying to figure people out...especially the more guarded ones.
67~ If I weren't pursuing my M.A. in English and working at Rosemont, I would probably still be in Wheeling, trying to figure out what to do with my life.
68~ I can see myself one day writing a book.
69~ It always makes my day when I receive a postcard from friends on their travels.
70~ I want to see more concerts in the coming year.

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Les said...

I have a major fear of heights but am not afraid of flying. Go figure.