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Thursday, June 22

For the Love of Techies

Before yesterday, I was not a particular fan of technical support. In fact, I pretty much did everything I could possibly do in order to avoid having to use it. It's not even that I had much prior experience with it, I think it was just that I didn't want to take the chance of looking incredibly ignorant. The other thing was that I couldn't imagine being successful with it because I'm a very visual person, so the thought of taking purely verbal directions over the phone while also having to precisely explain problems unknown to me was completely intimidating.

So, when I got my wireless router Monday night, I decided that I could easily install it using the provided wizard. Not surprisingly, however, I failed at this attempt. As a result, I boxed the router back up and was ready to seek out alternatives to even using it. After unpacking it and trying again only to fail again Tuesday morning, I finally broke down and called the Netgear number for help. As I did so, I felt zero ounces of confidence that this would end up good. After talking to the tech agent, though, and about an hour of doing so, I had officially installed a wireless network in my parents' home.

This experience was eye-opening. I will never view technical support the same way, and I may even call it much more often. Who knows! Maybe I'll never have to decipher the meaning behind a set of directions ever again!!!

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