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Friday, August 18

Things Need to Change

When will the American media ever learn? Or perhaps a better question is will they even learn or do they even see the fundamental flaw in their approach to news stories? The latest example of the American media's incompetence shines through in the developments in the JonBenet Ramsey case.

The American media has scrutinized and taunted the Ramsey family; they have declared their guilt; they have repeatedly peppered the newspapers and magazines, as well as the news networks, with images of Patsy, John, and JonBenet. This family has not had peace for nearly a decade. They were not even given the proper respect to grieve in their own space and time. Patsy Ramsey has now passed away, never fully redeemed by the same media that was only all-too-eager to condemn her as a mother. Now, they media has decided to swarm the likes of John Mark Karr. Now, if one is not below even average intelligence, then it's obvious that this man is crazy. Sick and crazy. So, what is the media doing? They break a story, announcing that he's the killer. (Notice the pattern: according to our media, you're guilty until proven innocent). In my opinion, our media has very little, if any, integrity.

Speculation is damaging. Invasion of privacy is damaging. As everyone bashes Bush and the suspect legislation of his White House, maybe, just maybe, they should also take a look into the workings of American media. I'm sure they could find just as much looming in its past and present just as they have John Mark Karr's.

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pat said...

the headline on the daily show the other day was, "what else will john mark karr admit to get a free plane ride?"

it was pretty funny stuff.