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Thursday, September 14

Explain this One

I am not posting a picture with my blog today. It's mainly because there's really no picture that deserves to be posted with such a topic. The topic to which I'm referring is the story of schoolteacher Debbie LaFave. Not only has this woman redefined the necessary mental and emotional capacities of our country's schoolteachers, she has also redefined sex offender--literally. She claims that she, indeed, committed a sexual offense; however, she denies being a sex offender. If someone could be so kind to explain this to obviously breaks all rules of English vocabulary that I've ever been taught. Perhaps she has been taught differently.

It's unbelievably revolting to me that this woman would have the guts to try to deny that she's a sexual offender. She attempts to excuse for herself with the justification that she was suffering from bipolar disorder. This brings up two issues. One, when will the citizens of this country ever return to the original state of accountability in our judicial system? Ever since the dawning of modern-day psychology, our judicial system has become entangled in a mess of justifications and excuses for human behavior. Newsflash: there always has been and always will be mental strife in the human race, but it's personal responsibility to properly handle it...oneself. The second thing I wonder is when our media will stop giving those the spotlight who should not have it. I firmly believe that this was a situation where the interview should have taken place off camera and relayed through the reporter. This lady has absolutely no credibility anyhow...or so I why place her in front of the camera?

This situation of denial closely parallels the outlandish situation currently underway in an Iraqi courtroom where Saddam Hussein's judge is alleging, or rather confirming, that Hussein was not a dictator. He was only made to appear as if he were a dictator. Again, notice the shift in accountability. For me, both of these stories only serve to confirm that there is taking place a revolution, and I wouldn't call it a positive one. The world's leaders--presidents, teachers, etc.--are redefining the threshold for crimes against humanity. Unfortunately, no one seems to be putting a stop to it. Speaking of accountability...

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