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Sunday, December 18

Hibernation: Not Just for the Wild Things

hibernation (n.) to pass the winter in a dormant or torpid state.  

What can we learn from the world of hibernating animals, such as bears, bats and chipmunks?  They call it a wrap for the winter months and enter into a sleep state that could fool some into thinking they're dead.  This natural means of survival during the extreme season(s) of the year is one of those phenomenons of nature that reminds us how amazing the natural order of things can be.  

While some humans can definitely enter into similar sleep states for various reasons, life seems to only continue to move faster and faster about the Earth for us.  So, perhaps it's worth considering the value of slowing down, allowing our bodies the proper care and downtime they need.  Also, it brings to the forefront the concept of life designed around necessity.  This seems an appropriate consideration as well since we oftentimes get mixed up in the fast pace of life, prioritizing work, social expectations and family expectations over the fundamental needs of our bodies.  Ironically, none of these other three priorities can even be a thought unless we have our health and well being.  

As we drift into another New Year, and the time for the year's resolutions comes, take a moment to think about all of the wildlife out there, yielding to the natural order, and consider doing so yourself.  In doing so, you're bound to find a happier, healthier balance as a new calendar begins.       

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