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Friday, April 20

Obsession with a Fun Something

Each time I visit with my 9-year-old niece, she asks me what games I have on my phone.  I consistently answer her with the unsatisfactory, "None."  This response is always followed by a confused scowl on her part and a shrug of the shoulders and clueless "What?" on my part.  Obviously, this exchange is the direct result of a generational gap, but I must admit that there is one app that I've recently downloaded and started to love.  I became one of the millions and finally downloaded Draw Something.

The irony in this choice of app obsessions is that if I would rate my talents, drawing would come dead last.  Like, on a list of 10, it would be somewhere around 15 or 20.  But, because I'm doing this drawing on the screen of my tiny little iPhone, I figure critics will have to be understanding and sympathize with my limited resources.  And I actually believe that the lack of talent will only serve to enhance the humorous qualities of my drawings.  So, my weakness will actually serve me and others very well. 

Perhaps because those with whom I've played are more naturally talented, I've only had one criticism.  The assortment of letters at the bottom of the screen makes it a little too easy to guess.  (I'm fairly certain that those at the other end of my drawings do not feel the same and are extremely grateful for the letters.)  Otherwise, I endorse this game/app as one that encourages creative thought and some fun interaction--whether with a randomly-assigned opponent or friend.   

So, next time you have a moment, check this out.  If you're not interested in the actual game, then you should at least visit this gallery because you'll be amazed by what others can do with only their fingers and phones to draw images.  I know I was.

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