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Thursday, November 23

In Search of Life (Conclusion)

While a conclusion to my journey to motherhood, this is by no means the end of the story. When Isabelle Peyton was delivered on July 21st of this year, she rang in a new year unlike any I have ever known or will know. Every ultrasound along the way, every listen to her beating heart, reminded me what an incredible gift I had been given. On her birthday, when it was determined we'd have to move on to a C-section, I suddenly felt totally unprepared to meet this new human. I was very emotional on the OR table, and when I heard her cry, I knew we had finally crossed the finish line to finding one another. It had been a long trip for both of us. The nurse wrapped her up warm and laid her on my chest before taking her off to the nursery. The instant she was laid there, she went silent and I silently welcomed her to our world. She was perfect in ways I could not have imagined.

And so on this Thanksgiving Day, I am eternally grateful for having been given so many things. The resources to open my womb to Isabelle. The financial ability, the all-star medical team, the male donor. The support of gracious and loving family, friends and co-workers. There were so many waves of need--from the emotional support and the understanding when I needed to use time away from work to the physical help while pregnant and beyond. So many small things had to come together for this to come to fruition--for Isabelle to complete her journey and me mine. I am so grateful this day and give thanks to all who have played a role over the past few years. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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