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Sunday, November 12

Splish Splash

I've lived in my home for four years. This past Spring, as I left the neighborhood for work or came home at the end of the days, I started noticing something I had not before. Birds in puddles.

The alley that I use is just the right type of alley to hold lots of puddles here and there when the rain falls. When I started to notice the birds in the puddles, it was more to avoid hitting them--wondering why their little bird brains didn't make them flee sooner. But, after a few times of this, I found myself almost breaking out in laughter because their enthusiasm was contagious. Reckless abandon is the best description. No longer was I frustrated by their delay. I wanted them to stay put.

As I repeatedly saw these little birds enjoying themselves, it made me think about how glad I was to be witness to their puddle parties. Rainy days are not popular with many. There's usually a gloom that hangs with the day and moods are a bit more sagging than usual. So, it's a real gift to watch something revel in the day despite its lack of sunshine and blue skies. And boy are they cute as they do so--tossing the water all around with their heads and wings. It's truly a rainy day party--and to boot, a party of one.

I've been reading a book--Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard--and it reminded me of this experience. The entire book is this fabulous meditation on nature along a creek in Virginia. It's a great demonstration of how you can take these seemingly small observations and tease them out to extract more meaning in your own life or simply acknowledge the complexities and beauties that surround us (not just those inherent to us).

So, next time there is a rainy day, keep your eyes peeled for some birdie puddle parties. It will make your gloomy day a little better and cause a little visceral joy to bubble up deep inside.

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