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Monday, February 13

Valentine's Day Tribute to Human Love

I think it's amazing how much human beings are tuned into their natural instincts and driven by them without having any choice in it. What do I mean by this? Well, I will use love and coupling as an example, and I will be speaking from a personal standpoint, so if you happen to disagree, it's fine.

It's always amazing to me how there's this impulse that so quickly grips me when there exists a chance at love. I am such a stubborn person when it comes to giving up my personal freedom--whether it be freedom to or freedom from. But, there are times when all parts of me melt, and I find myself at the mercy of another person--usually a significant other. And the more I thought about this part of my personality, the more I realized that it has to stem somewhat from a longstanding human instinct. The human need for love is constantly discussed, but I would argue that the human need to love is just as strong. The idea of having that one other person with whom you can share anything and with whom you feel the security of forever appears unbelievably delightful to me. And sharing things with that someone, someday, such as children, even crosses my mind from time to time. Thanks to an expert on Oprah, I learned that women, moreso than men, feel incredibly afraid of being alone. I feel above this and don't think I'm afraid of it, but I do think that I desire a lifelong companion.

I'm finally learning, however, that the bigger project is not necessarily actively seeking out that ideal's teaching yourself to patiently await the arrival of that partner. Disappointment in the area of love is tough, but it at least opens up a lot of chances to learn--about yourself. One of my most recent lessons is that romantic love may be a terrific thing, but in the meantime, there are many others to love and many other ways to both express and accept love. Happy Valentine's Day, Blog world!

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