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Thursday, July 6

Bad Characters...Who Remind You of Someone

Nothing feels better than flattering a friend or family member. Like if you go see a movie and you think, "Wow, that awesome character reminds me of __________." It's always a pleasure to share this information. One of my classic examples of this, and this is because I've used this one quite a few times...Jack Nicholson's character in As Good as it Gets. The poor man is plagued by OCD. Is he an adorable or easy-to-love type? Probably not. Yet, when you spot someone with OCD-like tendencies and they're familiar with this character, they don't feel offended by the fact that I compare them to Jack in this movie. In fact, it usually sets forth a flood of laughs due to some of the situations in the movie.

When I went to the movies tonight and witnessed the embodiment of a truly evil-spirited and self-serving character, I wondered about the effects of breaking the news to someone that they have those same tendencies. Now, I would never do this. But, as I pondered it, I decided it creates quite the divide. While it's totally acceptable to do the one, it's pretty wrong to do the other. But just imagine the damage you could do. This made me wonder who the worst character is to compare someone to. What do you think? I would have to say those such as the druggies in Veronica Guerin or the real sinister type like that. Help me think of others.

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